My failed 2019 resolutions

Here is a list of 10 things I wanted to do in 2019 but didn’t:

  • Finish “Moby Dick”. Damn, I am only halfway through it…
  • Lose 8 kg. Although to be fair, I have been failing this resolution since 2006, so I should definitely set an easier target. Or quit messing with desserts.
  • Also, I should have run more often.
  • Finish my PhD thesis. Still have one chapter and a half to write in January!
  • Stop saying “I would like to write a book”, and actually start writing something.
  • Take a coffee/oil/wine tasting class. One of the three.
  • Wonder in cities or parks to take pictures at least once a month.
  • Repair my two broken watches.
  • Visit Dinant, in Belgium. It is the last “must-see” cities I still need to visit before the end of my Belgian life!
  • Convince my girlfriend to watch Bojack Horseman. She did start Stranger Things though!

Ok, not that bad. Ten small 2019 failures all signed by me. I should start a new resolution list for 2020. For now I am stuck to the first one:

  • Quit listing your objectives and enjoy the wonderful everyday moments. Those are likely to be your best successes.

Any suggestions on how to continue the list? Or maybe on how to lose 8 kg?


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